The Future Player

Future Player – Respect – Why?


It is our aim and intention to develop the future player to have the following core attributes and characteristics:


Technically our future players will have the ability to create, score and prevent goals through excellence in: passing over varying distances, receiving skills, turning skills, travelling with the ball, attacking and defending skills, finishing skills, aerial ability.

Tactically our future players will be equipped with the skills, abilities and decision-making capability to manage and dominate games. We aim to produce players who can: recognise and adapt to the state of the game, achieve winning performances by maximising strengths and exploiting weaknesses, understand and apply individual, unit and team roles and responsibilities, adopt varied playing styles and formations, perform effectively against varied playing styles and formations, deal with varied environmental conditions.

We want all players to be comfortable receiving the ball regardless of pitch position or the location of opposition players, we want all players to be able to play with freedom in all areas of the pitch, and we want all players to be intelligent enough and confident enough to enter any area of the pitch when appropriate to the state of the game at that moment. To achieve this all players should have knowledge of, understanding of, and experience of, all of the playing roles specified in our game model.


We aim to develop players who possess outstanding physical and athletic skills in the following areas: agility, balance, coordination, speed and speed endurance, endurance, flexibility, power, strength, physical resilience, recovery, nutrition and lifestyle.


We aim to develop reflective, resourceful and resilient players who display outstanding self-belief, confidence, creativity, concentration, communication, control, and commitment. They will display the bravery to push themselves into the unknown, have the mental strength to deal with making mistakes, and continue to strive to learn and improve.


Through our development programme we will help players develop outstanding social skills in behaviour, reflection, teamwork, relationships, accountability, responsibility, and independence. They will gain an understanding of the need for, and demonstrate, a strong, collaborative, group-work ethic which provides support and encouragement for others to strengthen the performance of the team.

Role Specific Profiles

Alongside these core attributes and characteristics the development of our future player is supported by the following position or role specific profiles which link into our game model.

Another way of looking at the balance of players in our team(s) is:

  1. Distributor (starter, safety valve, communicator)
  2. Road Runner (right side, quick and mobile)
  3. Road Runner (left side, quick and mobile)
  4. Conductor (orchestrator, controls tempo)
  5. Leader (lion-heart, respected, reliable)
  6. Reader (right place, right time, right decision)
  7. Power Driver (direct, strong, unstoppable)
  8. Line Breaker (versatile, ball carrier, links the units)
  9. Assassin (calm, clinical)
  10. Chaos Maker (unpredictable, unexpected)
  11. Artful Dodger (non-stop, often unseen, always there)